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We believe that movell license plates is a market player in automotive industry (vehicle number plates). We build technology solutions that meet the highest quality standards through which our customers achieve perfection and success in their business. We strive hard to meet the highest customer satisfaction.To be more focused is to be more close to our customers.


We explain description of HSRP


As the name suggests, a High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) is a highly secure number plate aimed to bring about a uniform pattern of displaying registration marks across the country. HSRP plates are made of aluminium featuring unique details apart from the registration number. The plates have a seven-digit unique laser code, chromium-based chakra hologram to prevent counterfeiting, a self destructive sticker with the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle, ‘IND’ inscribed in blue colour, with India inscribed at a 45 degree angle in hot stamping foil across all letters and numbers on the plate. Last but not the least, it has a non removable and non reusable snap lock.

The snap lock will hold the number plate in place on the vehicle. Any attempt to remove or replace the snap lock will cause the lock to break which makes it impossible to install any other number plate on the vehicle. In case the bumper and/or HSRP is damaged in an accident the replacement can be provided only by the RTO.

HSRPs need to be fitted on to each and every vehicle in the country irrespective of where you live. However, the manner of implementation will be a phased one. In fact, Manipur is among the first states asked to introduce the scheme by the Supreme Court along with Delhi and Kerala. In Delhi, the programme was kicked off on May 1. Existing vehicle owners will have to switch to the new plates from June 15.

The unique seven-digit laser code is the biggest safety feature. It is meant to be scanned by laser detector cameras to identify if the number plate details match the laser code and whether or not the registration plate belongs to the vehicle. However, for this to work laser detector cameras will have to be installed on important roads and intersections to capture footage of stolen vehicles. These cameras are not available in India so far and will have to be imported. Technically, until the laser detector cameras are installed or, for that matter, are available in India one crucial safety factor of the new HSRP will be defunct. The cameras can either be installed on fixed positions or used as hand-held devices. The cameras also help in recording details of speeding vehicles.

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday set March 31, 2012 as the deadline for states to implement the scheme for fixing high security registration plates (HSRP) in motor vehicles, while directing Delhi government to complete the process by this yearend. "We extend the period for implementation of the scheme till December 31, 2011, by which date, all steps, complete in all respects, should be taken by the Delhi government," a bench of Chief Justice S H Kapadia and Justices A K Patnaik and Swatanter Kumar said.

We provide number plate embossing hydrolic machine

Number plate hot stamping machine,Number plate embossing clapper dyes.
Mat&glossy foils,Car&bike number plate frames,Blank number plates for car&bike.

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Our Products

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Number plate embossing machine

provide hydrolic number plate embossing machine with automatic control


Hot stamping machine

Number plate hot stamping(foiling)machine at reasonable cost


Different fonts of dyes for car&bike number plates

Provide different fonts of dyes for embossing number plates(car&bike)


Blank Number Plates

Provide blank number plates with different colors for cars&bikes


Hot Stamping Foils

Provide Glossy or mat ind and black foils


Number plate frames

Provide number plate frames for cars&bikes

Our Works

These are our works

embossing machine

Number Plate Embossing Machine

foiling machine

Number Plate Foiling Machine


Glossy&Mat Foils

normal font

Car Number Plates Normal Font

german font

Bike Number Plates German Font

german font

Bike Number Plates German Font

normal font

Bike Number Plates Normal Font

spanish font

Car Number Plates Spanish Font


Car&bike Number plates Frames

speedx font

Car Speedx&Microgramma Font

german font

Car Number Plates German Font

normal font

Car Taxi&Normal Font

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movell license plates

The professional aluminium based vehicle number plate seller in south India. We are the seller of blank number plates, IND number plates, aluminium embossed number plates, hydrolic embossing machine, hot stamping foils, hot stamping machine, clapper dyes,car and bike number plate frames etc.

Movell license plates has leveraged its individual strength viz. Innovation, Technology, Manufacturing, Logistics and has set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Kerala. The plant has sufficient capacity to cater to the need of the entire nation to produce blanks in a fully automatic, sensor control production sequence, as per the specifications approved by RTO.

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Plate Design

We provide blank number plates in different colors and size

blank plates

Car Blank Plate (20x4.75 Inches)

Car Ind
Car Blank
Car Blue
Car Blue flag
Car Green
Car Black
Car Flag
Car Red
Car Taxi Blue
Car Taxi
Car Blue D

blank plates

Bike Blank Plates Front(11.2x1.8 Inches),Back(8x4 Inches)

Bike Blank
Bike Ind
Bike Red
Bike Blue
Bike Blue Flag
Bike Black
Bike Green
Bike Flag
Bike Yellow

blank plates

Square Blank Plates (12.6x8 Inches)

Square Blank
Square Ind
Square Red
Square Blue
Square Taxi Ind
Square Green

blank plates

Car Minors&Medium

Car Ind-17.5
Car Blank-17.5
Car Blue-17.5
Car Taxi-17.5
Car Blank-13.5
Car Ind-13.5
Car Green-13.5
Car Black-13.5
Car Red-13.5
Car Blue-13.5
Car Taxi Blank-13.5
Car Ind-16.5
Car Blank-16.5
Car Taxi-16.5

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Started business at Thrissur.

We started our first branch and retail in Thrissur district.

Developed our business on wholesale.

We focused on importing blank plate & wholesale in all over India.

Our retail business flurished all over Kerala.

We started online support on our product and became india's first number plate online seller.

We focused on sales&service of number plate embossing machine,hot stamping foiling machine&clapper dyes.

Our retail business flourished upto 20 branches across kerala&wholesale distribution started in bangalore.

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